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WE ROLL UP OUR SLEEVES and work with deep attention to detail, crafting the highest quality projects until completion. This is our promise to you. We back this up with our reputation as people you can trust. Our honesty and openness forge trusting relationships that our clients, employees, and community have come to expect. Our word is our bond and without it, nothing else matters. Welcome to AGNEONE.

Shaping Our

A CITY’S TRUE SKYLINE is where our relationships and the projects we build meet - a beautifully crafted set of distinguished, high-quality projects and the people and communities that use them. Take a closer look at them inside.


WE DO NOT FLINCH. We are bold in our approach to undertaking new and daring projects. We embrace and meet all challenges using creativity and respect for each person's unique perspective to reveal the best solutions. As award-winners in construction, concrete, interior construction, historic restoration, and seismic renovation work, the results are distinguished, high-quality projects every time. Come in and see how it's done.

Masters of our

CONSTRUCTION IS OUR CRAFT, and we have been refining our skills and making meaningful structures for over 15 years. Having a deep understanding of the materials we use, the tools we handle, and the needs of the people we build for results in remarkable, distinguished buildings. Validated by our certification, a distinction possible only because of our stringent quality standards, we are proud to put our name on each and every one of our projects. Welcome to AGNEONE.

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OUTSIDE-THE-BOX THINKING is a AGNEONE hallmark. Our commitment to innovation feeds this passion and allows us to translate our best ideas into functional solutions for you. We visualize steps ahead on each project, and this mentality separates us from our competition. We meet challenges long before they become problems. That’s when great ideas can reveal unexpected opportunities to do something unprecedented and make your project special.

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The lessons we have learned over the past 15+ years have shaped our core values, the building blocks of Agneone today. BOLD. INNOVATE. COMMUNITY. TRUST. CRAFT. See how they tell our story.


Our work is not just a job; it is a craft. We are continuously refining and improving our process. Every project yields lessons-learned, resulting in smarter decisions and building efficiency into the framework of who we are. We innovate. We are known for leading industry breakthroughs and bringing those advantages to the job site first, time and time again.

We see our employees, clients, partners, and neighbors as our team. By aligning our common goals, we build community wherever we go. Our approach always comes back to trust. Our team relies on us because of our leadership, our willingness to adapt, and our desire to forge lasting relationships. Our depth of experience builds true confidence and makes us bold in the face of challenges. Delivering superior service, exceptional results, and unmatched employee and client satisfaction is the cornerstone of our success.



Our people make us stand out from the competition, and as a company, we pride ourselves on working together. Individuality is encouraged, creativity is rewarded, and passion is met with more. These are just a few ways we are unique. Come take a closer look.


We are unequivocally committed to providing a safe work environment to all of our employees and partners to ensure they leave their place of work not only as safe as they arrived but happy and proud for having truly contributed.


We value the free communication of ideas and insights. We don’t hide behind protocol or reporting structures. No one at Agneone will disrespect a question or ignore a thoughtful comment.


We want our people to love what they do and stick around. Whether you’re an estimator who wants some field experience, a project engineer who wants to do more BIM, or a seasoned superintendent who wants to work on a different building type, we will help you achieve your goals. If you are driven to excellence in whatever you do, you will be rewarded.


Caring for others, as much as, or more than, ourselves is who we are as the Agneone team. Fundamentally, what’s right – not who’s right – determines our actions.


We take contributing to our community seriously. Whether mentoring high school students on a job site, repairing an American Legion post, supporting community hiring, building housing for families in need, or fielding a team for the Construction food drive, giving our skills and energy to our communities is fundamental to who we are.


From building top-off barbeques to outings to the ballgame, we celebrate our accomplishments and find enjoyment in what we do. We recognize that part of a balanced life requires that we play and work.



Our employees are our greatest resource. In order to protect this resource, we continue to instill a safety culture that permeates every level of the company and every project site – we lead by example inside and out.



Agneone Builders is well-known throughout the industry for our excellent safety programs and outstanding safety record. It is our policy to provide a working environment that goes beyond typical safety standards. We want everyone who works on our job sites to be better at the end of the day than when they arrived. The personal safety and health of each employee of this company is of the utmost importance. We give the prevention of accidents and injury precedence at all times. Our goal is zero accidents and injuries.

At Agneone , safety is simply part of our culture, and as such, we are constantly seeking ways to improve our methods. Our Safety Policy is exacting and intolerant of work-arounds that compromise the safety of the job site, our staff, and the surrounding community.


We plan for safety; we train for safety; we measure safety. We believe that our exemplary safety record is due to the proactive steps we take. We’ve modeled our safety standards after the US government’s EM-385-1-1 training, some of the most stringent standards in existence.

Our program includes the following measures:

  • ClickSafety training for all employees and subcontractors
  • Stretch-and-flex program
  • 100% tie-off policy
  • Stringent personal protective equipment (PPE) policy
  • Excellent communication strategies
  • Close monitoring of subcontractors



Caring about the footprint we leave before, during, and after a project drives us to exceed the requirements within the green building arena. We set higher than expected standards for ourselves in order to be as responsible as possible while building a quality project. The result: green for the earth and green in your pocket.


As builders of structures that will be standing long after we are gone, we feel responsible to improve the quality of life both under and above the ground we build on. At Agneone, sustainability is in our DNA. It’s not a buzzword or a trend or simply a set of guidelines we follow to win an award. We integrate it into our daily life when possible while looking for new opportunities along the way. Whether it’s developing an energy-efficient strategy for a client, using recycled materials on our job sites, or composting in our office kitchens, we do it because it makes good sense for the world around us.

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